The technology industry includes a broad and diverse set of businesses that focus mainly on providing technology as a service or the development and manufacturing of technology products . There is no universal agreement about what is considered technology but the big buckets include semiconductors, software, networking, internet, and hardware.

The role of engineers in this field varies widely but it’s almost a given that engineers will collaborate in teams to solve problems and work with cutting edge technology.

The Technology Community is designed to keep students informed about relevant industry news and connect them with related opportunities.

Consider a Career in Cybersecurity

Although the increase in cyber attacks isn’t good news for any of us, there is a silver lining. There has never been a better time to consider a cyber security career.

Cyber security professionals, or information security analysts, have a …

By Kelli Delfosse
Kelli Delfosse
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4 Tips On Moving Up In Tech—From An Engineer Who’s Made A Huge Impact At Her Company

Growing up, Kate always loved math and computers. So, when it came to finding a career, software engineering was a perfect fit. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science from one of the best engineering schools in the world, her passions ended up …

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4 Things to Know if You’re a Woman Joining the Tech Industry

There’s an issue in the tech industry, and it’s one we’ve known about for quite some time. While many tech companies are trying to increase their female workforce, a majority of them still have a shockingly low number of women …

By Kelli Delfosse
Kelli Delfosse
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Tim Cook Didn’t Feel Ready to Lead Apple—Here’s His Advice for Stepping Up to a Challenge

Tim Cook stands at the helm of one of the largest and most valuable public companies in the world. He’s been the CEO of Apple for nearly eight years, but he didn’t feel ready for the job when he took …

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