20+ Top Fintech Companies of 2023

The top fintech companies use technology to automate or improve financial services. But what are fintech companies and what do they really do?

Some well-known companies, like Mastercard and Visa, are considered fintech businesses because they rely on technology to …

By Forage
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Networking Inside Your Organization to Grow Your Career

Do you even think about networking in your current organization?

One of the most common themes that has come up during my personal conversations with engineers and leaders is that many people are recognizing that they need to learn to …

By Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin
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Crush the FE Exam: Expert Tips for Preparation and Retaining Knowledge

In this article, (and video), I dive into one of the most important steps on the journey to becoming a licensed engineer: PREPARING FOR THE FE EXAM. We explore effective strategies to utilize your strengths and weaknesses in each exam …

By Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin
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8 Tips for Female University Students Searching for Early Career Opportunities

To provide guidance to female college/university students on their early career journey, we asked eight professionals, including a Career Counselor and a VP of Growth, for their best advice. From marketing your skills and achievements to embracing self-confidence and advocacy, …

By College Recruiter
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