Vault’s 2024 Rankings of Best Consulting Firms

When it comes to choosing an employer, there is no question that prestige is important. However, our survey data indicates time and again that many other factors come into play when weighing a choice–and even more affect employee satisfaction in the months and years after the decision has been made.

Did you know that for more than 40% of consulting firm candidates, firm culture was the most important factor in selecting an employer? Other top factors include practice strength and work-life balance, in addition to prestige and compensation.

But choosing an employer is only part of the equation–staying there over a period of time is something else entirely. And while elements like compensation and work-life balance remain important as part of that picture, other factors such as satisfaction and the ability to make career progress also emerge as critical differentiators of top employers–and these factors change over time as generations shift.

2024 Vault Consulting 50 North America

  1. Bain & Co.
  2. Boston Consulting Group
  3. Alvarez & Marsal
  4. ghSMART
  5. Oliver Wyman
  6. EY-Parthenon Americas
  7. Putman
  8. The Bridgespan Group
  9. Kearney
  10. Roland Berger

Source: Vault

By Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin