Technological innovations in the healthcare industry have impacted millions of lives in the past few decades and continue to provide physicians with new ways to improve the quality of care delivered to their patients.

Biotechnology is the use of biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of human life. Healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people.

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Should You Use ChatGPT to Write Your Resume?

AI software like ChatGPT has undeniably made its mark in many areas of work and higher education. Its continuous advancements have led professionals and students to use it to draft emails, articles, social posts, essays, and papers—albeit with varying degrees …

By Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin
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Top 10 Biomedical Engineering Jobs

Discover the top 10 biomedical engineering jobs and explore exciting career opportunities in this field.

Are you looking to land a job as a biomedical engineer but need help figuring out where to start? A biomedical degree can qualify you …

By Kelli Delfosse
Kelli Delfosse
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11 Leading Medical Device Companies

The medical device industry is growing at a rapid pace which is helpful in healthcare settings. Here’s our list of the 11 leading medical device companies!

Medtech companies specialize in the invention, creation, and production of medical devices that can …

By Kelli Delfosse
Kelli Delfosse
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Bioengineering Blog: Preparing for a Career as a Simulation Engineer in Medical Devices

For engineering students with an interest in medical device research and development, computational modeling and simulation can be a great option for a career path. But the design challenges in making safe and effective devices requires familiarity with some areas …

By Kelli Delfosse
Kelli Delfosse
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3 Reasons to Seek a Career in Orthotics and Prosthetics

If you’re ready to change patients’ lives and you like art, math, science, technology and of course health care, consider orthotics and prosthetics or O&P.

These traits help predict success in O&P: strong interpersonal skills, passion for helping others, excellent …

By Kelli Delfosse
Kelli Delfosse
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