Center for Career Engagement Outcome Data

Each year the Washington University Center for Career Engagement surveys undergraduate and graduate students to gather information about summer and/or post-graduation plans. Search by school, department, or year to see career outcomes, salaries, and other demographics of McKelvey Engineering students.

Help us help you! This information is critical in order to better serve you as well as advise future students and employers for the following reasons:
-To understand the breakdown of students pursuing employment versus academia
-To evaluate what employers are recruiting our students, the types of roles, and the geographic locations
-To learn what professional programs and graduate degrees our students are pursuing
-To provide students and employers with market salary data in order to help make informed decisions when accepting and giving offers
-To learn which graduating students need continued job search assistance

This helps direct our priorities and ensure that we are doing all we can to help every student experience valuable opportunities to learn about themselves and the world outside of academia.

Are you doing research? Taking or teaching summer classes? Enjoying the summer off? Whatever you’re doing, we’d love to hear about it! Click here to Report Your Plans and let us know all about your summer or post-graduation plans.

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