Girl Security

Girl Security is preparing girls, women, and gender minorities for national security through equity-informed learning, transitional high school-to-college training, and relationship-based mentoring. By empowering girls to play a role in security — where a more secure nation is a more prosperous nation — girls can fulfill their economic potential and forge an understanding of national security shaped by their lived experiences. Girl Security works across the United States to ensure the most historically underrepresented and underserved populations of girls have access to financially-supported, cutting-edge programming to prepare them for a future workforce shaped by security challenges that require their leadership.

Securing with learning

Through specialized programming designed with women national security experts, child and adolescent mental health professionals, and girls, Girl Security equips participants with key concepts, frameworks, and insights to provide a strong foundational understanding of the national security field, while also empowering them to challenge the existing norms that have long-defined the national security field.

Empowering with training & leadership

National security has many pathways, including cyber, law, policy, business, advocacy, and STEM. As a complement to Girl Security’s learning modules, participants complete specially-curated skill-building sessions on cutting-edge national security competencies, including ethical decisionmaking, strategy, and innovation. Additionally, Girl Security creates unique opportunities for participants to lead a range of national security projects from inception to completion that can bolster their confidence, network, and professional advancement opportunities.

Advancing with placement

Girl Security provides participants interested in national security careers with placement in a phased mentorship network that pairs them with a national security mentor one step ahead of them in their academic and/or professional path. Girl Security is driving systemic change by building a multi-generational ecosystem of girls and women in national security that provides community, resources, support, and practical guidance. Become a mentee.

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