TechSTL is positioning the St. Louis region to become the most diverse high-tech innovation hub in the country. Proud to be the first Tech Council of St. Louis, our community bolsters the innovation pipeline of the 15 county bi-state area by supporting our members through public relations, talent retention and attraction, business development, and government relations. We’re ready to connect regional innovation leaders to the critical resources and platforms they need to launch new products, attract talent, and scale technology in St. Louis. And we can’t wait to help to promote the partnerships and success stories that position St. Louis as one of the most diverse and productive tech workforces in the country. With leading clusters in biotech, agtech, geospatial tech, fintech, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing, St. Louis provides a thriving and globally connected environment for emerging technologies. St. Louis is ready to rally behind tech companies who have the imagination and innovation to build businesses that create value in the Midwest and beyond.

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