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How to Get the Most Out of Mentors

It can be challenging to figure out what to get from a mentorship. Haven’t you already grown your career without a mentor’s help?

Mentoring, at any point in one’s career, is a relationship that fosters collaborative knowledge-sharing. This is why …

By Kelli Delfosse
Kelli Delfosse
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Forage Virtual Job Simulations

Explore careers and prepare for the job with hundreds of free job simulations designed by the world’s top employers such as GE Aerospace, Hewlett Packard, Lyft, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Deloitte, JP Morgan Chase, and MANY more!

Forage’s offering of free …

By Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin
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12 Tips for Securing a Tech Internship in a Soft Labor Market

Let’s be honest. It is far harder to land a technology-related internship or other early career job right now than it was even two years ago. Instead of employers hiring every technologist they could find, those same employers are now …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Handshake Tips for McKelvey Students

Handshake is the number one site for college students to find a job. Today, the Handshake community includes 10 million students and young alumni at over 1,400 colleges and universities and 750,000 employers.

Check out these top tips to make …

By Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin
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Business Analyst vs. Data Analyst: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between a business analyst vs. data analyst? In some organizations, these roles are interchangeable. However, business analysts generally take a more comprehensive role, bridging the gap between data analysis and a business’s goals. On the other hand,

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Career Resources

McKelvey Engineering Professional Development Stipend

In an effort to provide an equitable opportunity for students to make professional connections, stay current with developments and advancements in …


WashU CNX is a mentor-focused online community where you can build connections with fellow students, alumni, and friends of the university …