St. Louis Named Best U.S. City for New Grads to Start a Career

An analysis by insurance provider Insurify ranked cities in the U.S. by employment opportunity and affordability, as well as transit costs and livability. St. Louis was named #1. Here’s a look at the 10 best cities, along with their score, for new grads to start their careers:

  1. St. Louis: 100

  2. Minneapolis, Minnesota: 98.3

  3. Rapid City, South Dakota: 88.8

  4. Pittsburgh: 85.5

  5. Lincoln, Nebraska: 84.9

  6. Portland, Oregon: 78.9

  7. Fargo, North Dakota: 75.8

  8. Fort Wayne, Indiana: 73.7

  9. Denver: 73.3

  10. Tampa, Florida: 73.0

Six out of the top 10 cities are located in the Midwest, including the top three. These cities have relatively low costs of living while offering comparable transit and entertainment options to larger coastal cities.

According to the Regional Business Council, “For the last 15 years we have continually heard from our 4,000 young professionals on why St. Louis has been the best decision for them, and how much the Young Professionals Network (YPN) has provided them with the essential professional connections, diverse social opportunities and a vehicle to give back.”  RBC CEO Kathy Osborn stated “This recognition is indeed a remarkable accomplishment for St. Louis.”

By Kelli Delfosse
Kelli Delfosse