How To Land A Job At Meta (And Other Big Tech Companies)

With hundreds of thousands of job applicants, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is one of the most competitive companies to secure an interview with and land a job offer. Yet, three of my career coaching clients landed job offers with the tech giant in the last month.

How do you increase your chances of securing an interview with Meta? What mistakes should you avoid when interviewing at big tech companies? How do you boost your chances of landing a job in tech?

Here are four tips to help you land a job with Meta and other top tech companies:

1. Harness the power of networking to secure an interview.

While networking is an important step during any job search, it is of critical importance when applying to the world’s top tech companies. Many of the job seekers I coach get nervous when I mention the word networking. Subsequently, I advise heeding the wisdom of my mentor, human resources executive and consultant Jill Katz: Approach the job search like a “relationship search.” Channel your energy into cultivating your current relationships and developing new relationships with people who can support your job search journey. Let your family, friends and former colleagues know you are looking for a new job.

Although many job seekers focus their networking efforts on recruitersand hiring managers, I advise spending your relationship search energy on those people in your target role. First, these individuals already navigated the interview process and landed the role at the organization you are targeting. Second, if your networking conversations go well, they can introduce you to their supervisor, who is likely the hiring manager.

2. Identify what sets you apart from other applicants.

Begin by taking time to identify what sets you apart from the millions of people applying to Meta each year. Keep in mind that how you present yourself in the application stage will look different than in the interview stage. While your application should focus on demonstrating you are qualified for the job, your interview needs to highlight how you are uniquely qualified for the role compared to other interviewees. In other words, the interview is not about showing you are qualified but rather how you are more fabulous than your competition. This is particularly important at top high-tech companies like Meta as everyone who makes it to the interview stage is qualified to do the job.

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3. Recognize it may take more than one interview loop to receive a job offer.

Do not give up. Keep at it if you do not receive an offer after your first interview loop. Many of my career coaching clients who now work at Meta, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn and other top tech companies were interviewed three or more times before securing their roles.

Look at a “no” as a “not right now” and continue to apply to open roles with the company. Additionally, stay in contact with your assigned recruiter and hiring manager so you can stay top of mind when additional opportunities arise at the company.

4. Consider “lily pad” companies and roles.

You can increase your chances of landing a role at Meta and similar top tech companies by securing a lily pad or in-between role that can bolster your job application and competitiveness. Look at tech companies beyond the Fortune 500. Moreover, hyper-growth startups can truly bolster your resume and equip you with high-impact stories for your next interview. Furthermore, startup jobs often come with increased oversight and additional responsibilities compared to the limited scope often associated with tech giants.

Remember that landing a job at a top tech company is a process that takes time and effort. Be patient and remain resilient. You’ve got this!

Source: Forbes

By Kelli Delfosse
Kelli Delfosse